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Football predictions for tomorrow

Midtjylland hosts Hvidovre in a match from the first round of the Danish Superliga. Now it’s a great moment to preview this game for you in our Midtjylland in our football predictions for tomorrow. Let’s go!

You probably know that Midtjylland are usually one of the contenders for the title. Managed by the 48-years old head coach Thomas Thomasberg, Ulvene will try to win their fourth Superliga championship. For the last time Midtjylland won the title in 2020. Maybe it’s time for them to give another special moment to their supporters?

Midtjylland made some moves on the summer transfer market. The club paid around 10 million euro for three players, acquiring the services of Sverrir Ingi Ingason (centre-back), Gue-sung Cho (striker), and Kristoffer Olsson (midfielder). They also signed as free agents the midfielder Iver Fossum and the 19-years old talent Franculino from Portuguese giants Benfica.

Former Celta Vigo star Pione Sisto remains one of Midtjylland’s best players at the moment. The 28-years old winger is one of the men who can make the difference during a difficult game. Last season he had health problems and played just three matches for the club, but now he’s ready to step up and show why he’s considered such a good player.

Hvidovre are one of the newcomers in the Superliga for the 2023/24 season. Former champions of Denmark, their main goal will be to survive and avoid another relegation.

Hvidovre are currently coached by the manager Per Frandsen who is a former Danish international. Frandsen is working at Hvidovre from 2017 and he knows the team more than well.

Tobias Thomsen is one of Hvidovre’s best players. He has scored 28 goals in 81 league goals for the team since 2020.

That’s our football predictions for tomorrow for the Superliga match between Midtjylland and Hvidovre. Good luck!